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Welcome the productivity inserts to the family - how fab are these.

Productivity is something we always try to work on, day in and day out - and sometimes things can become overwhelming when our list is too long or we apply too much pressure to ourselves.

This is why we believe the productivity inserts will help you write everything down enabling you to have the most productive day ever.

You have space to write the following:

Schedule - write down the times of the tasks you want to complete and what the actual task is.

Priorities - write down which jobs take priority and tick them off one completed.

Self Care - although sometimes when we have a really productive day we can forget about looking after ourselves, so write down some self care tasks to do during the day to help you. This could be something as simple as drinking a litre of water, or taking your full lunch break, or listening to your favourite podcast whilst working.

Hole punched - ready to fit into your Grande organiser.
*Inserts Only*

31 inserts in each pack

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