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Petite Saving Insert


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A penny saved is a penny earned!

Petite size (double sided)

NEW - Penny saving insert!

Saving money is something we all try to do, and sometimes not so successfully - however when you have an insert to follow and fill in you're more likely to stick to it and be motivated to save to reach your target.

You may be saving for a particular thing, like a new house, new car, new pair of shoes, a holiday etc - this is where these saving inserts will really help save the money.

It is a simple yet effective insert, on the left hand side you have the date, then the amount you have saved that date and then the balance. Once you keep adding you'll add the date the amount and then you can add up your balance each time.

On the right hand side you have space to write your goal, so as mentioned this could be for a particular item or experience - or your goal could simply be a figure that you want to save.

Pre hole punched ready to fit perfectly into your Petite Planner

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