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Petite Fully Loaded Food Diary Bundle

Petite Orange Themed Fully Loaded Food Diary Planner - Make Happiness A Habit

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Orange Themed Fully Loaded Food Diary Bundle (available in different diet formats, see below) - Make Happiness A Habit 

This has absolutely everything you need to help you on your weight loss journey! Perfect petite size to fit right into your handbag so you can have your food diary with you at all times. 

Let's break down what is included within this bundle below:

Petite New Orange Themed Planner (£24.99)

8 Week Food Diary (shown in pictures - SW, WW & Calorie Counting) (£7.99)

8 Week Countdown and Stickers (£2.75)

Petite Weight Loss Chart With Stickers (£2.49)

Petite Weigh Day Stickers (£1.80)

Petite Milestone Stickers (£1.80)

Summer Stickers (£1.80)


Princess Planning Pen (£3.50)

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