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Sydney Seagull Petite Planner


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NEW PETITE planners - welcome the cheeky Sydney Segull to the family!

High Quality Faux Leather effect.

Silver hardware, 2 interior pockets, 2 side pockets and an elastic pen loop.

Princess Planning logo printed on the inside.

This planner is empty.

Perfect petite size to take with you everyday and to fit inside your handbag. You can use this unique size planner in so many different ways. Whether it be for a normal day to day diary or your food diary. They are also great for you to use as budget wallets or a safe way to keep your receipts all in one place.

If you have a job where you hold lots of meetings or appointments the petite planners are great for you to carry around and take notes. Super light weight and high quality, perfect for day to day life.

Don't forget you can fill your new petite planner with our petite inserts and pouches, you'll find these in the Petite Planner section of the website.

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