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PU Leather Note Pads and Refills

Luxury Green Notepad Bundle - Pen & Pencil Case

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Fabulous little bundle green notepad, pencil case and pen all matching gorgeous gift for yourself or someone special.


Welcome the refillable note pads to the family.

These are ideal to pop on your desk and fill with all your daily plans.

Available in 6 different colours and we also have the matching pens, pencil cases and sunglass cases on the website so make sure you check those out and get the full collection! 

PU Leather - 64 sheets per pad 

Measurements: 20cm by 14cm

Refill paper is A5 size 

Lined paper that can be torn off from the top with a perforiated edge. The great thing is once you have used all the pages you can refill with and use time and time again! 

Note pad measurements 20cm by 14cm refill paper is A5 size 
Please note you can easily undo the screws once the pad has been used and removed ready to refill. 

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