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Grande Household Cleaning Chores Insert


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Princess Planning Cleaning Household Inserts. We all have cleaning to do either on a daily, weekly or fortnightly basis. I have created these household inserts to help you / family members keep on top of the cleaning in each room. At the top of the insert you can list each room in the house, along the side you then list the tasks you would like to complete in each room. For example, hoovering, polish, dusting, mopping etc. Tick off each job once you have completed and move onto the next room. These can also be used for children's house chores, assign them tasks, give them their own sheet to tick off and make it a bit of fun for them. - Professionally Printed - 26 Sheets - Ready to fit into your a5 (6 ring) organiser READY TO FIT INTO YOUR A5 6 ring ORGANISER

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