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Grande Planner - Password Tracker


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One of the most highly requested inserts for us to create - somewhere where you can store all of your passwords.
We rely on passwords and logging into various sites on a daily basis and it is hard to remember hundreds of different passwords so we have created this insert for you to have them all in one place so you never forget one again. 
We are all forever having to reset our passwords and answer security questions/verify yourself etc so this will save you lots of time in the future. Also, it is recommended that you regularly change your password so having these inserts will enable you to refresh and update your password for various sites. 
Space to write the website, email, username, password, hint and any additional notes
4 password sections per page - 26 sheets so 104 password slots (single sided)
Grande size - already hole punched ready to fit into your Princess Planning Grande organisers. 

The great thing about writing down your password on paper is that you don't have to worry about picking passwords that are easy to remember. So you can focus on picking the most secure possible passwords.

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