About Me

Good morning how are you ? 

I’m Charlotte, I’ve been a stay at home Mum caring for three children two beagles but only one husband for longer than I care to remember, after many years of only being Mum, and wiping away tears and bums, I felt I needed a challenge! 

Over recent years I have organised many social events at our local Cricket Club, and even my own wedding! This had built up my sagging confidence (it's not only boobs that sag after children) so I decided to start my little business selling Food diaries, meal planners, and stationery. Why? Well I've pretty much been on a diet of some kind for the last twenty-five years! And I'm a girly girl so making things, sparkling, glitzy and glamorous is the stuff my dreams are made of!

I have lost 6 stone through the Slimming World plan since the birth of my youngest son 7 years ago! Yes it’s taken me that long! 7 Years!! I’m still not quite where I want to be but us women are never happy are we? 

In the months leading up to my wedding 2 years ago I wrote all my food, exercise and water intake down in a desperate attempt to get into the dress of my dreams, looking back I could not believe how much it focused my mind and I stayed in control of what I was eating for once! This was my eureka moment when Princess Planning was born in March 2017, now every spare moment I have is dedicated to my small business and to all you princesses out there in helping you reach your goals.

Much love 

Charlotte x x x

Princess Planning